Sunday, April 3, 2016

The term 'two cultures' in the reference materials refers to the division between science/technology and art. Most of time, people who work in technology field found difficulty to communicate with those who work in art field. It seems to me that a lot of people have this stereotype thinking on science/technology and arts. For example, when somebody introduce himself as a scientist or engineer to others, people tend to link this person with logical and rigid mind and pattern of thinking. A great example is the structure of UCLA campus: north campus and south campus. As a south campus student, I have heard a lot of comment regarding the differences between north and south campus, and sometimes some visitors even gave some extreme stereotype comment like 'nerdy' for south campus and 'party' for north campus. In my opinion, this stereotype contributes to the division between 'two cultures'.
If you think about this idea of division, you will find that division is everywhere on every aspect (not only science and arts). I come from Beijing, China, and I found a lot of similarity in regards of division among different minority group as an international student. For example, some of my friends only have asian friends for his/her four years life at UCLA. Personally speaking, disregard the aspect of division, the root for this division is that people try to find the sense of belonging. This sense of belonging can also be applied to the division of 'two cultures' we mentioned before.

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